LG dual-Quad zone LMU300HHV Multi Zone Outdoor Unit Only SEER 20 LGRED HYPER HEAT

Item#: LMU300HHV

Brand: LG

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Product Details

LG's NEW Multi-F Systems now include LGRED° Heat Technology featuring low temperature heating down to -13°F!

LG's new line of energy efficient multi-zone systems is here. The entire line features LGRED° Heat Technology, making each unit a perfect solution for cold weather climates. The LG LMU300HHV can be operated in the heating mode when temperatures get down as low as -13°F and it will perform at 100% heating capacity! The system will also provide low ambient cooling to 14°F. Add a Low Ambient Kit (sold separately) for cooling operation down to -4°F.

The LG LMU300HHV is a 30,000 BTU, configurable, multi-zone mini split air conditioning and heating system. Flexibility is part of the name with LG's Flex Multi-F Quad Zone Multi-Split air conditioner. The LMU300HHV gives you the flexibility of choosing two, three or four indoor units. Mix and match units to fit your room size and decor. This four-port system offers a combined BTU connectivity rating of up to 40,000 BTUs. With a focus on energy efficiency, this mini split system offers a high SEER rating and is Energy Star Qualified when used with non-ducted indoor units such as wall units and ceiling cassettes.

The improved heating range on this system allows for operation in the heat mode when outdoor temperatures are as low as -13°F. With heating possible when it is that cold, this unit is a feasible option as a primary heat source for much of the country. And, if you need to keep an area cool even when it is cold outside, this system will operate in the cooling mode with temperatures as low as 14°F.

Each unit comes with its own remote or thermostat giving you the utmost in comfort flexibility. Each space can be adjusted individually or completely off. Another advantage of adding a mini-split system like the LMU300HHV is the ease of installation. No ductwork is needed and, while each indoor unit requires a line set and wire (sold separately), only a small 3” hole is required to connect each indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

In addition to being an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home, the LMU300HHV outdoor unit offers many other standard features including a variable speed inverter compressor, defrost/deicing capabilities, three minute restart delay, and a self diagnosis system. The LG Multi-F compressor uses a soft start in an effort to reduce power surges on the electrical system. The outdoor unit will operate in the cooling mode when the outside temperature is as low as 14°F. In the heating mode perform with temperatures ranging from -13°F to 75°F. To top it all off, it uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and is pre-charged for up to 98 feet of line.

Net Weight (lbs.)
Number of Zones
Maximum Number of Indoor Units
SEER (non-ducted indoor units)
SEER (ducted indoor units)
SEER (ducted & non ducted)
Energy Star
Cooling Amps
Cooling BTUs
Includes Heat Pump
Heat Pump BTUs
Heat Pump Heating Amps
HSPF (non-ducted)
Outdoor Unit Noise Level (dBA)
Circuit Breaker Size (Amps)
Operating Range - Cooling
-4° F ~ 118° F
Operating Range - Heating
-13° F ~ 75° F
Min. Outdoor Temp for Heat °F
Inverter Technology
Pipe Length (No Addl Refr Req)
Max. Pipe Length/Zone (ft.)
Outdoor Unit Width (in.)
37.406 "
Outdoor Unit Depth (in.)
13 "
Outdoor Unit Height (in.)
32.844 "
Outdoor Unit Weight (lbs.)
AHRI Certified
Parts Warranty
10 Years
Compressor Warranty
10 Years
Labor Warranty